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FifthEdge provides the core functions of a multi-award-winning recruitment company and much more...... 


FifthEdge trusted to source talent by top industry leaders 

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So why is this different? 

FifthEdge is designed to prioritize the candidate's experience. Using highly trained Ai technology we provide a secure and controlled environment to represent a talent to multiple employers of their choice.   

Being represented by Skyler as a professional means that you will be easily identified and never miss out on an opportunity

And why is recruitment so difficult?

Nearly 20% of active candidates change their professional status every 30 days. With up to 500 applications per job, a recruiter has an impossible task to find you when needed. 

We would like to introduce you to Skyler. 

Our Construction & Engineering Ai Recruiter

Skyler's capacity to bridge the gap between employers and professionals is beyond human comparison. Doing all the hard work for you so you can concentrate on your own brand

Skyler Bio

Ai Recruiter Construction & Engineering


Construction, Engineering, EPC, Energy

  • Industry Data points - 6,500,000

  • Datapoint Variations - 1027

  • Screening Interviews (24hrs) - 2,733,000

  • Candidate Data updates (24hrs) - 756,000

  • Downtime in the last 120 days - 32min 43 secs

  • Security of Data; AWS Secure, SSL  

Data Analysed

Over 6 Million Pre Loaded data points managed by team of experts discovering skills and experience 

  • Employer

  • Designation

  • Seniority

  • Projects

  • Location Options

  • Cost to Company

  • Availability 

  • Age of Experience 

  • Duration of Experience

  • Memberships

  • Qualifications


Five Core Expertise Modules

Powerful modules to support the backbone of the construction & engineering industry. Don't worry, we have 15 more modules in the making from CAD to Claims. 











lots more coming soon!

Features designed by you for you

Easy navigation, simple activation powerful features for professionals and recruitment teams so you never miss the right fit for the role.


Skyler will ensure professionals are

discovered and reviewed easily with

auto-classification across more than

20 disciplines 

Intuitive User Interface

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Power features connecting professionals and employers 

Stage One

Talent Identification & Sourcing

FifthEdge sourcing runs 24/7 across available talent sourcing portals while identifying and approaching passive talent pools. increasing the quality of candidate by over 20%. Simple registration guided by our team of Customer Excellence representatives


Candidate Feedback

"Registration with FifthEdge was certainly refreshing, Simple, fast and no one sees my details without my permission. My profile effectively reflects my experience and skillsets. far better than the other generalist platforms. Great work guys."   


Stage Two

Skillet & Experience Assessment

Our dedicated industry data team constantly building and refining the abilities of our complex Ai algorithms. Combining that with the core 6 Million datapoints delivers unmatched talent discovery and productivity.


Candidate Feedback

"I've gained some of my best experience with smaller companies on some really challenging experience. I keep getting looked over because not every recruiter knows those employers. Happy that FifthEdge picks up those accomplishments in my career." 

Stage Three

Applicant Screening Data

FifthEdge offers a professional a secure, simple, fast interactive chatbot screening or manual input of data that would be expected by a competent recruiter. Available to complete at their own convenience rather than within working hours


Candidate Feedback

"I’ve lost count to the number of recruiter calls or LinkedIn messages of application forms asking me the same questions again and again. And always in the middle of the working day. I completely appreciate it has to be done but generally you never hear back from them. it’s so much better with having it all in one location I can direct them to."

Stage Four

Employer Professional Matching

Matching profile discovery with employers criteria suitable for future growth exceeds 80% accuracy and done at breakneck speed. Providing ongoing options to candidates to be on the radar of their favorite employers provide a committed and informed talent pool for recruitment teams. 


Candidate Feedback

"Terrific system, I get a WhatsApp informing me of new companies I'm matched with. Gives me full control if I want them to have my details. Feel so much more in control of the process and that I'm not going to be overlooked when they need a Project Manager with my experience or have a big recruitment fee attached to my name. Keep it up, FifthEdge team!"

Stage Five

Data Fresh - The Game Changer

20% of professionals have a change of circumstance every 30 days. FifthEdge provides a fast and hassle-free 'one-click' scheduled engagement to every professional to keep their data up to date for all their employer brands of choice. allowing recruiters to become far more efficient in shortlisting 90% faster than legacy systems.


Candidates Perspective

" simple but so effective, I selected 'Passivley Considering'  on my FifthEdge profile and clicked a link on my WhatsApp every few months. In June I got the dreaded call from HR and changed my data and status to 'Immediately Available'. 8 of my favorite employers had the updates without me picking up the phone."

Lets talk about digitizing your recruitment process

With FifthEdge it has never been easier